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Frequently Asked Questions

Parent FAQ's

  1. Is my band student required to do Marching Band if they want to do Concert Band? No, participation in these bands are at different times of the year--Marching Band season is August to October (or early November depending on if LHS Football makes playoffs--and they usually do) and Concert Band season is November to May.  Students enrolled in Honors Band or in grades 10-12 are exected to parcipate in the Marching Band.  However, band members unable to make the comittment to be in the fall season marching band can request a waiver if they are fully engaged in different full time sport or activity.  9th Grades are strongly encouraged to participate in Marching Band.
  2. Does my student have to take a Band class to participate in either Marching Band or Concert Band? A band member must be enrolled in a band class in order to participate in the Marching or Concert bands.
  3. Is a Virginia High School League Athletic Participation Physical Examination Form required for Marching Band? No, while Marching Band can be a physical activity, it is not considered a Athletic activity so no physical is required to participate.